Written based on an almost NSFW image for Cryselle’s Bookshelf and her Thousand Word Thursday. 100 word drabble.

(To see the image that inspired this drabble, please visit her site.)

Smile for the Camera

© Chrissy Munder

“My mum’s not going to see this, is she?” Derek shifted against the red sheets; uneasy at way the cheap polyester clung to the damp patches on his back. Sure he was sweating, but who wouldn’t?

“Buddy, if your Mum is looking for calendars on our website you’ve got bigger things to worry about.” The balding photographer, lit cigarette tucked into the corner of his mouth, smirked as he fiddled with the camera.

Derek watched the rising cloud of smoke, flinching when the Santa cap dropped gleefully over his exposed dick.

“Now, just lean back and smile for the camera.”


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