Questions Answered

A 100 word short written and originally posted at the Dreamspinner Facebook Page as part of their 10K Facebook Follower Fest! Go visit for some great fun and free reading even after the celebration.

© by Chrissy Munder
It wasn’t the soft caress of slightly chapped lips that made Eric’s first kiss so special. Nor was it the catch of overgrown stubble against his own unshaven cheek, or the subtle, masculine cologne of his friend suddenly turned lover. It was more the caring in the callused palm, gently cradling his jaw, and the slow tingle that traveled up and down his spine. Raising hairs on the back of his neck and curling his toes at the same time.

Jeremy pulled back, eyes half-closed as he whispered. “How was it?”

Eric licked his lips, savoring the lingering sensations. “Perfect.”




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